The goal of the UCSB Resilience Summit and Certification Program is to cultivate students' resilience for this moment and provide them valuable skills and tools to help them thrive for the rest of their lives. 


These interdisciplinary sessions will cover a variety of concepts from the basics of positive psychology, to utilizing mindfulness, to dealing with imposter syndrome. This program was designed for the current crises the country is facing so it will also discuss the importance of relationships in times of need, growth after periods of struggle and trauma, as well as racism and implicit bias.


This is a unique opportunity for the UCSB community that will provide consistent and active participants not only with skills, but also with a Certificate in the Science and Practice of Resilience that demonstrates their commitment to their personal growth. The certificate is provided by the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. This certificate is a great addition to any CV or resume. Participants would need to attend 8 of the 12 virtual talks and complete a handful of short assignments to earn the certificate, but anyone can also sign up for individual sessions without fulfilling the certificate requirements.

Our Speakers:



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